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Product: Tapered Circle Hanging Banner
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Tapered Circle Hanging Banner

1 - Collapsible Extruded Aluminum Hanging Sign Frame
1 - Full Color Zippered Tension Fabric Graphic Print
1 - One-point Hanging Harness Hardware

The Hanging Banner Frame is an excellent way to set you apart from the competition!
The Hanging Banner Frame captures an audiences attention
the second they walk into the exhibit hall. Hanging Banner Frames work
great for retail displays or trade shows. It is literally a "snap" to put
together because all the pieces just snap into place. Configurations are
available from 4 feet up to 20 feet in length for maximum impact! Use our
soft case to keep all the pieces neatly organized for shipment and storage.

Tapered Circle Frames
Item NO. Graphic Sizing Dimensions
TCHB1036 Top Diameter 10FT , Bottom Diameter 8FT, Height 36"
TCHB1048 Top Diameter 10FT , Bottom Diameter 8FT, Height 48"
TCHB1236 Top Diameter 12FT , Bottom Diameter 10FT, Height 36"
TCHB1248 Top Diameter 12FT , Bottom Diameter 10FT, Height 48"
TCHB1436 Top Diameter 14FT , Bottom Diameter 12FT, Height 36"
TCHB1448 Top Diameter 14FT , Bottom Diameter 12FT, Height 48"

  • Packaged Shipping Weight:  30 lbs.
  • Lead Time: 15 Business Days


Hanging Banner Rotation Motor




  • Hanging Sign's are printed using a durable wrinkle resistant fabric called Poly-Flex. The dye
    sublimation process transfers your full color image directly to the fabric. This is all done by using
    an ink transfer to permanently transfer your image to your Hanging Sign.

    The lead time for printing process is 15 business days from the date of approval. For more
    information please click on the link below "Artwork Specification Link" for more information on approval,
    printing, and shipping time frames. The total process can be shortened for a nominal rush charge.

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